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The British Amateur Electronics Club Archive
Membership Section Updated [JUNE12] + (Sent in Articles, Interface sections; JULY00, DEC00 and MAY02 Newsletters)
Please note this is just an Archive Site of old British Amateur Electronics Club Material. The Club consisted of over 140 Quarterly Printed Newsletters in total. I will be adding some interesting articles from old Newsletters, and other sources plus links etc... So keep an eye on the site. I will flag it clearly with a NEW gif at the top of the page if there is any new material. The Club also traded electronic components among Members, and gave Technical Advice. I for example sent an Infra-Red Remote Control I had made away to another member for Calibration. I have also contributed some articles to the Newsletter myself.

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[Uploaded Oct10] Amstrad PC1512 interface card system. 8-bit I/0, Analogue to Digital, Stepper Motor, LCD display, and Starburst display.
Engineering Notation
  • Electronic Engineering Character Set - using the 'Alt' key or HTML. Includes symbols for , , , , , , , , , , 3/4, x, and angles. NOTE: Microsoft Word 2002 also supports exotic characters, engineering included. To get them all you have to is select the 'Insert' then 'Symbol' menu.
  • Engineering Measurements from yocto, to zepto, atto, to femto, to pico, to angtrom, to nano, to micro, to milli, to centi, to deci, to deca, hecto, to kilo, to mega, to giga, to tera, to peta, to exa, to zetta, to yotta............ to tebi...................................... to google......................................................................... to googleplex.
  • BAEC Newsletter Archive: AUG74, DEC90, MAR92, JUL92, DEC93, MAR98, JUN98, SEP98, DEC98, MAR99, JUN99, SEP99, JAN00, APR00, JUL00, OCT00, AUG01 and MAY02.
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    Current Members WITH E-MAIL and Old Members List

    • Membership is FREE. Members E-mail Addresses, Experience, Interests, Qualificatons... are listed. Feel free to send in you details, particularly projects of interest, and links to any electronics related sites you have. The Club no longer publishes and posts a Newsletter! Although sent in articles etc... will still be published on the 'net.
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    Useful Links & Suppliers Recommended Electronics Books Recommended Electronic Component Catalogues
    Cheap Quality PCB Making Services For Sale Books for Sale Free Wanted PIC Items and Quality Kits for Sale
    Useful Electronics Links
    • Everyday Practical Electronics - UK Electronic Hobbyist's Magazine. Have quality pre-made PCB's for their construction projects. On-Line or by Subscription.
    • Elektor - UK Electronic Hobbyist's Magazine. Have many construction projects with pre-made PCB's. On-Line Subscription available. Bi-monthly Publication... and many more just follow link.
    Recommended Electronic Component Suppliers
    • Maplin - postal retailer with shops of 12,000 quality Electronic Components and Items, large stock, own catalogue. P&P 2.50, free over 35.
    • Arizona Microchip - Arizona MicroChip maker of PIC Microcontrollers, RISC low Kbyte microprocessors with built in input/output drivers.
    • Greenweld - postal retailer of quality Second Hand Electronics Components... and many more just follow link.
    Club Library ***Free*** BAEC Lending Library
    Places to Visit
    • [Michael] Faraday Museum: at the Royal Institution, 20 Albermarle Street, Near Piccadilly Circus and Green Park Underground Stations, London.
      Admission Charge. Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mon. to Fri.
      Pioneer in the field of Electricity and Electronics. Inventor of: the Capacitor (the unit of Capacitance the Farad in named for him: F, more commonly F), the motor (using a mercury 'well' as conductor), the dynamo...

    • The Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kennsington Underground Station (with tunnel walkway that leads directly to the Museum), London.
      No Admission Charge. Open 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Open every day except 25th, 26th, and 27th December.
      New Exhibits. Exhibits include the Computing Section and Charles Babbages Mechanical Difference Engine ; and Electronic Tele-Communications. Plus much, much more. 6 floors!

      Webmaster pictured with Babbage's Difference Engine No. 2. A primitive Victorian Mechanical Computer made to calculate logarithms for navigation. It never worked as Victorian Engineering wasn't precise and cheap enough, and Babbage's temperament wasn't good either, but the design was sound and has been proved to be correct.
      Pictures and Description of Babbages Difference Engine.

    Programmes to Download FREE

    • Resistor Colour Code Calculator Colour code convertor - The colour code convertor is a special purpose computer program which will help you identify the value of a resistor from its colour code. Alternatively, the program lets you find out what colours to look for by typing in or selecting the resistor value. The programme works with Windows 95 and is FREE to download.

      Resistor Prefered Values

    • Ohm's Law Calculator Ohm's equation calculator - This is a computer program which allows you to apply Ohm's equations quickly and easily. The programme works with Windows95.

    • Micromouse Logo Robot.org.uk Micromouse page. The IEE Micromouse contest started in 1977.

    • Micromouse - Free BASIC and Pascal Maze Solving Programmes to Download.

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    E-Mail Site Webmaster at david.ledgard@tiscali.co.uk.

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