**FREE!*** SPAM Blocker Option with Microsoft Outlook Express Email

Microsoft Outlook Express Email allows you to block specific addresses sending to you AND block messages with specific words AND it's ***FREE!***.

Goto Outlook Express:

Message -> Create Rule from Message AND Block Sender

Also: Tools Message Rules -> Mail AND Blocked Sender List

SPAM blockers can take out most SPAM Emails too. I use McFee. A suit costs about 40/year! And includes firewall.

Please Note:

I have updated the Ex-members section. Replacing the Email @ sign with *. To fool SPAM Robots. Most Email addresses are out of date now anyway. People seem to change Email address a lot: Hotmail, Freeserve (changing to wanadoo), new cheap 1p/minute providers, Dial-Up -> Broadband... (I have just moved to Tiscali for 12.99 per/month *BARGAIN!*.

I get a bit of SPAM. The new ones seem to be about:

I find posting to newsgroups generates the most SPAM.