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[Updated Jun06] BAEC Electronic Trading Page

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Cheap Quality PCB Making Services For Sale Books for Sale eBay On-line Auction Site:
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PIC Items and Quality Kits for Sale Free Wanted

Cheap Quality PCB Making Services

[Jun06] Eric Edwards has a complete PCB manufacturing set-up and is able to produce double-sided, tinned and drilled PCBs for anyone in the club, at a sensible cost. E-mail: eric@ericedwards.co.uk ; eric@eddy11.fsnet.co.uk.

[Jun06] How to Make a PCB (Printed Circuit Board):

  1. Make a transparency. Either using transfers and tracks and pads; photocopying a PCB design out of a magazine on to a clear A4 sheet; or using a PCB design package like:
    http://www.numberone.com - Support site for Easy-PC, software used for designing PCB's. In October 1998, Number One Systems Limited ceased trading. The suite of programs was acquired by Sightmagic Ltd., who now trade as Number One Systems. New Technical Support telephone number is now (01480) 382538, open from 10-4 on weekdays. Technical support E-mail: support@numberone.com.
  2. Put it in the Ultra-Violet development box, with a copper plated circuit board.
  3. Turn over if double sided board and repeat.
  4. Turn the box on for about 8 minutes (instructions say).
  5. Put it in a pre-prepared tray of developer with tongs. Until the tracks develop, allowing the surplus copper to be etched of later.
  6. Wash it in another tray of water.
  7. Put it in a tray of ferric chloride acid to etch the copper that isn't protected by the 'printing' process. You can get a special bubble tank to speed processing.
  8. Wash again.
  9. Cut to size.
  10. Drill with PCB drill. Varying drill bit sizes, depending on components type e.g. I.C.'s use 0.8mm because their pads are close together. Generally it is 1mm for all other components.
  11. Learn how to Solder

For Sale

'Elektor Electronics' Hobbyist Magazine Forum - where you can ask questions about problems with projects, and trade electronic components in the 'Components, Equipment, Tools, etc.' forum.

[Updated Jun06] Books for Sale

Books: "The Voice of the Crystal" and "Instruments of Amplification" authored by Mr. H. P. Friedrichs. AC7ZL.

Photo gallery links:

The books are available in the UK through Camden at http://www.camdenmin.co.uk/.
The suggested retail price of "The Voice of the Crystal" is $14.95 USD and "Instruments of Amplification" is $19.95 USD.
A vendor list is here: http://www.hpfriedrichs.com/bks-buyit.htm.

Quote: My components are not antiques [described in the books]. They are projects designed to teach the principles of radio/electronics. The devices you saw were constructed with my own two hands within the last few years. Marconi has not touched these instruments... except in spirit.
"The Voice of the Crystal" describes the principle behind basic A.M. radio, and then goes on to describe the principles behind capacitors, coils, detectors and headphones. These explanations are accompanied by projects built primarily from garbage can items...screws, a plumbing fitting, an old cigarette lighter, a hank of wire, a cabinet magnet, and so forth.
"Instruments of Amplification" introduces the principles of amplification, and then describes a number of experimental amplifying devices including homemade electromechanical amplifiers, several homemade vacuum tubes (valves) and even a couple of experimental homemade transistors.

Giorgio de Prez an Italian BAEC member recommends the following books:

Eric Edwards a BAEC member has the following Books for Sale, which he has authored.
E-mail: eric@ericedwards.co.uk ; eric@eddy11.fsnet.co.uk:



A New Electronics Book written by a fellow colleague.

It has chapters dealing with how to set up your own workplace, and the basic requirements. It describes the electrics of your workshop and the safety aspect.

There are chapters on the tools, equipment and components needed to get started. Soldering and the laying out of components are dealt with along with ESD and printed circuit boards (how to produce these yourself).

There is a chapter on, what I call, Applied Theory, as it explains the stuff you should know in ‘down to earth’ terms as opposed to the deep unnecessary theory usually found in textbooks. There are experiments and projects splattered throughout the pages.

Chapters on analogue and digital circuits are described with working projects. Linear, analogue to digital conversion (and back again) with chapters on memories with programming examples, and programmable peripheral circuits lead on to a chapter, to bring it bang up to date, about programming a ‘PIC’.

Radio reception, with some novel working circuits are covered with a brief introduction to television for the amateur.

The home computer is seen in a different light with some useful information.

A good reference section deals with symbols, useful formulas, tables and facts together with acronyms, abbreviations and ‘rules of thumb’.

There is a mini circuit chapter and a project chapter covering several projects to make. The book ends with faultfinding and reference to further reading, electronic mags, clubs and associations.

This, truly practical, 420 odd pages ‘BOOK’ has been produced, by me, on a CD-ROM that runs in Windows 95/98 using ADOBE Acrobat version 4 (supplied).

Send for your copy to Eric Edwards GW8LJJ, 11, Old Village Road, BARRY, Vale of Glamorgan, CF62 6RA. Tel. 01446 740498."

    [Updated Jun06] eBay On-line Auction Site:
    Buying & Selling

    [Updated Jun06] PIC Items and Quality Kits for Sale

[Updated Jun06] Microchip Logo Planet Microchip - Arizona MicroChip maker of PIC Microcontrollers, RISC low Kbyte microprocessors with built in input/output drivers.

[Jun06] eLabtronics ; http://www.elabtronics.com/ ; E-mail: enquiries@elabtronics.com
51 Byron Place, Adelaide, South Australia 5000. Tel. +61 8 8231 5966 ; +61 8 8231 5266

  • LED Fun - 8-in-1 Educational Kit.
  • CoreChart a ground breaking Graphical Assember.
    CoreChart .pdf - Core Chart Graphical versus Text Assembler. Choose Download to Desktop.
Below no longer available but interesting to read about:
  • PIC Fun Kit - A keep, quality PIC Microcontroller kit.
  • PIC Fun 2 - Programmer & Controller, For Educational and Professional Applications.

BAEC Article: How to get started in PIC Programming by eric@ericedwards.co.uk ; eric@eddy11.fsnet.co.uk GW8LJJ ; BAEC Newsletter No. 140 August 2001

Doctronics Discovering PICs Doctronics PIC16F27A.bmp

[Apr00] Julian Hanson Tel: 01274 622221 has a number of databooks which he wishes to sell:

  1. PIC16/17 Microcontroller Data Book 1996/97
  2. PIC Embedded Controller Handbook
  3. PIC Embedded Controller Handbook Update 1 1995/97



'Elektor Electronics' Hobbyist Magazine Forum - where you can ask questions about problems with projects, and trade electronic components in the 'Components, Equipment, Tools, etc.' forum.

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