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Recommended Electronics Books BAEC Lending Library

Recommended Electronics Books

[Posted Jun06] "The Voice of the Crystal" and "Instruments of Amplification" by Mr. H. P. Friedrichs. AC7ZL.

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These books are available to lend from the BAEC Lending Library. For more detail and to order goto the Books for Sale Section.

[Posted Jun06] Motorola Voltage Regulator Handbook. For Power Supply Regulators. Popular ones include: LM7805 (5V), LM7812 (12V), and LM317.
"A good data book. Check out the manufacturers web sites also. They have LOADS of information. Do you need Low Drop Out voltage regulators? That's another whole number set. How about Switching regulators?? Negative regulators? Again, it depends on your application."
Posted by Obiwan on Thursday, 15 June, 2006 on the EPE Chatzone.

Just click on the link to Amazon below, click on the Books TAB, then type in the Name and Author. Second hand copies are very cheap. Also try Hodder Education.

Giorgio de Prez an Italian BAEC member recommends the following books:

Book Cover [22K] [Still available Jun06] Eric Edwards E-mail: eric@ericedwards.co.uk ; eroc@eddy11.fsnet.co.uk - a BAEC member has published and Authored the following Books: