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UK Electronics Hobbyist's Magazines
EPE Logo Everyday Practical Electronics - Electronic Hobbyist's Magazine. Have quality pre-made PCB's for their construction projects. On-Line or by Subscription.
Post a request to EPE Magazine Chatzone for electronics technical questions. Run by the 'Everyday Practical Electronics' Hobbyist Magazine. A merger of two once very popular magazines (pre the advanced computers age).
Elektor UK Electronics Magazine Logo Elektor - Electronic Hobbyist's Magazine. Have many construction projects with pre-made PCB's. On-Line Subscription available. Bi-monthly Publication.
'Elektor Electronics' Hobbyist Magazine Forum where you can ask questions about problems with projects, and trade electronic components in the 'Components, Equipment, Tools, etc.' forum.

Electronics Technical Data and Chip Descriptions and PinOuts
Electronic Circuits Design software and electronic projects
Doctronics Main Page http://www.doctronics.co.uk/
A most informative and well presented site. Includes PICs, CAD, Electronic Clocks, Electronics with Crocodile Clips, Design Electronics, and Electronics Kits construction.
Design ElectronicsDoctronics Design Logo
  1. Circuits
  2. Resistors
  3. Voltage dividers
  4. Signals

  1. Prototype circuits
  2. Using a multimeter
  3. Investigating sensors
  4. Using an oscillopscope
  5. Making a capacitor
CMOS LogicCMOS NAND Gate Discovering PICsDoctronics PIC16F27A.bmp
The Electronics Club Logo http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com - a site for beginners in electronics. The webmaster's intended audience. Very well put together site, easy to navigate. Details circuits symbols, CMOS & TTL digital chip pinouts, electronics component descriptions, the 555 Timer, multimeters, ohm's Law, oscilloscopes, power Supplies, and how to solder among other things.
Chip Directory: has useful data on chips and may help identify some. Mainly data about exotic chips that is difficult to obtain elsewhere. Also most CPU's including the Zilog Z80 for example, used by Sir Clive Sinclair's ZX81 [first] microcomputer, and the Motorola 6802 used by the early Apple II microcomputer. Plus a special Soviet section. Soviet chips are just as good electrically, but much cheaper. They do the CMOS and TTL series for example. Related BAEC articles:
"Currently Technick.net contains the largest Hardware Pinouts collection of the Web (cables and connectors) plus thousand of pages that includes electronic circuits, amazing guides, utilities and more. If you need support please check out our Forums."

Plus plenty of good info on Batteries, includes types of batteries, how to maintain them, how to discharge, recover(!), etc...
555 Timer Tutorial includes 555 Timing, 555 Triggering, Three Cascaded Delays, AM Transmitter, F.M. Xmitter Circuits, 60 Hz clocking for 555, Long Delays 555, Layout 555, Two 555s, 555 as Tach and 50% Duty Cycle. With circuit diagrams and waveforms. Well put together site!
5 Stars *****
Discover Circuits - massive archive of circuits!!!!
Electronic Circuits - A nice little archive of some useful circuits. Includes circuit diagrams and component list for:
  • Light/Laser Circuits: LASER Power Supply, Fantastic Atom Expander, Black Light Colour (Sound) Organ, Strobe Light, TRIAC Light Dimmer, Simple Colour Organ, 12VDC Fluorescent Lamp Driver, Adjustable Strobe Light, LASER Transmitter/Receiver, Light/Dark Detector, Infa-Red Remote Control, LED Chaser, Flash Slave Trigger, 40W Fluorescent Lamp Inverter and 3 Channel Spectrum Analyzer.
  • Sound/Radio Circuits: 8 Watt Audio Amp, FM Transmitter, Op Amp Radio, FET Audio Mixer, Transistor Organ, 50 Watt Amplifier, 8 Note Tune Player, 22 Watt Audio Amplifier, Crystal Radio, Digital Volume Control, Sound Level Meter, 3 Watt FM Transmitter (Rae XL Tkacik), Microphone Mixer, Tone Control, Guitar Fuzz Effect, Stereo Tube Amplifier and Electronic Stethoscope.
  • Auto Circuits: Wireless Auto Tachometer, and Automatic Headlight Brightness Switch.
  • Computer Circuits: Parallel (Printer) Port Interface. Telephone Circuits: Phone Busy Indicator, Cut Phone Line Detector, Telephone Hold Button, Telephone Recorder, FM Telephone Bug, Simple Phone Tap, and Ringing Phone Light Flasher.
  • Major Electronics Projects: Computerize Your Room/Home.
  • Other Circuits: Simple Lie Detector, Rain Detector, Stepper Motor Controller, Pulse Width Modulation DC Motor Control, Touch Switch, 7 Segment LED Counter, Time Delay Relay, Pine Racecar Victory Judge, Time Delay Relay II, Simple Polarity Tester, Wire Loop Alarm, IR Remote Jammer, Video Activated Relay, Air Flow Detector, Low Voltage Alarm, and Simple Two Speed Contactor DC Motor Controller.
http://www.usb.org - USB (Universal service Bus): PC 'Plug & Play' Interface, combines COMM & POWER in one cable. Used by all modern PCs and Peripherals.
Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library developed by many Scottish Colleges and Universities. Contains a wealth of information on many aspects of electronics presented in easy to understand language together with animations of some topics.

Electronics related Clubs and Associations
Crystal Radio Aniscope Crystal Radio - BAEC articles, text, pictures and links - including to the Crystal Set Radio Club and Crystal Radio Think Tank.
By BAEC Member Philip Miller Tate at Philmt59@aol.com.
Cave Radio & Electronics Group
who use LF Radio for communicating (87 kHz).
British Amateur Television Club
IET Logo The Institution of Engineering and Technology
formally the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

Dell Logo DELL DIMENSION 3000 PC with XP, Flat Screen (1024x768), Intel Pentium 4 (80'986) processor, 512 MByte RAM, x5 USB Ports (carry data and power on same cable). Upgrades & Extras: 146 GByte Harddrive (ordered x2 size), 3½ Inch Floppy Disk Drive (1.38 MByte), CD Rewriter (ordered +write), 56K Modem, Word (with Spell Checker), and McFee Firewall & SPAMBlocker (40/year!). http://www.dell.co.uk/tv, very good value! Basic unit 400 including delivery.

Nema 17 Stepper Motors. Description - High performance, durable and reliable Nema 17 stepper motors available in different sizes, speeds, and wire configurations.
[Jun06] DIY Home Automation. Comprehensive details about how to electronically automate your home.
http://www.numberone.com - Support site for Easy-PC, software used for designing PCB's. Includes:
  • Easy-PC for Windows - Integrated Circuit Capture & PCB Design.
  • Pro-Router - Smart PCB Autorouter.
  • Easy-Spice - Circuit Simulation with Circuit Diagrams and Wavefore Output.
  • Stockit for Windows - Stock Control and kitting.
In October 1998, Number One Systems Limited ceased trading. The suite of programs was acquired by Sightmagic Ltd., who now trade as Number One Systems. New Technical Support telephone number is now (01480) 382538, open from 10-4 on weekdays. Technical support E-mail: support@numberone.com.
Eng-Tips Partner logo Technical support forums and mutual help system for engineering professionals.
[Mar00] http://www.autospeed.com.au/ - Low cost PICFun Microcontroller Car Alarm / immobiliser plus MORE. Just search for 'Car Alarm'.
http://www.sages.com.au - Sage Telecommunications. From their Australian offices in Perth the Sage group provides hardware / software design and desktop publishing services. Sage Telecommunications is a specialist electronic design house. They provide quality hardware and software engineering solutions, and offer design packages from concept through to manufactured product.
Embedded system hardware and software design services, and books about Flying Boats.

Electronics Newsgroups
Newsgroups are like electronic notice boards, where one person posts a message for others to read and reply to. They are useful for asking advice and trading electronic items.
alt.books.electronic alt.electronics alt.electronics.maplin-electronics
sci.electronics sci.electronics.basics sci.electronics.cad sci.electronics.components
sci.electronics.design sci.electronics.equipment sci.electronics.misc sci.electronics.repair
misc.industry.electronics.marketplace uk.adverts.computer
If you don't have a news server on your Email you can view newsgroups at http://groups.google.com google newsgroups on-line. To setup newserver put news.???? in Outlook Express in tools/accounts/news/properties. Go to tools/newsgroups to activate and download list of groups.