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Recommended Electronics Books BAEC Lending Library

BAEC Former Lending Library

Members may not be aware that the club holds a library of mainly paperback books. Membership is now free but only currently on-line NOT by posted Newsletter.

If you would like to borrow one of these books please send a request accompanied by two 2nd class stamps. The maximum period of loan is for four weeks. The book should be returned in the padded bag in which it came, post paid by the borrower. One advantage of this service is that it enables one to preview the book before buying. Please apply to Richard Evans (address in BAEC Newsletter No. 135 April 2000 and membership list) or E-mail Webmaster for contact details. I phoned Mr. Evans on 2nd July 2006 and he says that he still holds most of the books, some having been disposed of, but may not wish to maintain the library forever.

Title						Author		Date	Order as

Available from Webmaster:
The voice of the crystal			lindsay pub.	2005	voc
Instruments of amplification			lindsay pub.	2005	ioa

Latest club member books reviews available from
Recommended Electronics Books section.

Available from Club Librarian Ricard Evans: 
110 cmos digital projects			marston		1976	cos1
110 integrated circuit projects			marston		1978	1cp2
110 semiconductor projects			marston		1969	semi1
110 thyristor projects				marston		1972	thy1
110 waveform generator projects			marston		1978	wave1
20 solidstate projects for the home		marston		1969	home2
25 simple amateur band aerials			noll		1983	aer2
30 solderless breadboard projects 		penfold		1983	bred1/2
301 circuits					elektor			301
35 opto display terminal projects		bebbington	1997	opto7
38 pract. diode circuits for the home constr.	babani		1992	dio2
45 simple electronic terminal block projects	bebbington	1995	term1
50 circuits using 7400 series ics		soar		1979	74xx
50 circuits using diodes			soar		1982	dio1
50 cmos ic projects				penfold		1977	cos3
50 field effect transistor projects		rayer		1977	fet1
50 projects using relays, scrs and triacs	rayer		1977	rst
50 simple led circuits 1 / 2			soar		1981	led1/2
555 timer applications source book					5552
68000 assembly language, introduction to	penfold		1986	680/3
adventures in electronics			duncan		1980	ad2
adventures in microelectronics			duncan		1980	ad1
aerial projects					penfold		1982	aer1
art of programming the 16k zx81 the		james/gee	1982	zx81/1
art of programming the 1k zx81			james/gee	1982	zx81/2
audio hifi construction projects		babani		1976	audio1
basic and pascal in parallel			wainwright	1983	bas2
beginners guide to cmos digital ics					cmos1
beginners guide to midi				penfold		1983	midi1
beginners guide to mod. electronic comps.	penfold		1990	compo1
beginners guide to ttl digital ics a		penfold		1993	ttl1
biorythm electronic experimenters lab		babani			bio1
circuit source book 1 / 2						cct1 / 2
computer practical experiments			babani			expc
concise into. to quark express. a		glenwright	1991	quark 1
concise intro. to word 5.1 on the mac		glenwright	1993	word1. 5
counter driver and numerical display projs.				num
cp/m an introduction to						cpm
digital ic projects							dig2
easy add-on projects for spectrum zx81		bishop		1983	sp13
easy pc interfacing				penfold		1995	pc21
electronic board games				bebbington	1994	games9
electronic calculator users handbook		babani		1976	calc2
electronic circuits for model railways		babani		1976	mre1
electronic control, practical projects		bishop		1996	cont2
electronic design, practical data		bishop		1996	des7
electronic gadgets for the constructor		bradley  e,n,	1963	elg1
electronic games							egg2
electronic hobbyists handbook			penfold			ehh
electronic household projects			penfold		1980	hous10
electronic modems and systems			bishop		1989	mod
electronic music projects			penfold		1980	mus10
electronic novelties for the constructor				nov1
electronic novelty designs						nov3
electronic project building for beginners	penfold		1966	proj3
electronic projects for cars and boats		penfold		1981	car2
electronic projects for experimenters		penfold		1995	epx
electronic projects for the garden		bebbington	1995	garden4
electronic projects for video enthusiasts	penfold		1994	vid3
electronic projects for your PC			penfold		1992	pc1
electronic projects in hobbies			rayer		1979	elh2
electronic projects in the home			bishop		1979	elh1
electronic science projects						sci1
electronic synthesiser projects			berry		1981	synth1
electronic timer projects			rayer		1980	time1
electronics build and learn			penfold			elbu
fun with electronics				mcpherson	1980	fune
getting started in practical electronics	bishop		1994	est1
getting the most from your multimeter		penfold		1988	met3
getting the most from your pc's hard disc	penfold		1990	pc7
handbook of practical musical novelties		babani		1973	mus7
how to design and make your own pcbs		penfold		1983	pcb2
how to expand, modernise and repair pcs		penfold		1990	pc3
how to get your electronic projects working	penfold		1982	proj1
how to identify unmarked ics			recon			ic3
how to use op-amps				parr		1982	opa1
how to use oscilloscopes			penfold		1989	osc3
ic lm3900 projects				kybelt		1978	3900
ic projects for beginners			rayer		1982	icp
ic555 projects					parr		1978	555
interfacing pcs and compatibles			penfold		1992	pc4
international diode equivalents guide					dio1
international radio stations guide		shore		1991	rad10
internet and www explained the			shelley		1996	web3
introduction to loudspeaker design		capel		1988	loud1
introduction to networks for the pc&mac		bishop		1995	net2
introduction to video				mathewson	1983	vid2
introduction to ww web for mc/mac		bishop		1996	web2
linear ic equivalents				michaels	1978	linic3
logo for beginners				penfold		1988	log1
loudspeaker enclosure design, intro to		capel		1988	loud2
making a transistor radio			dobbs		1972	rad5
micro interfacing circuits 1/2			penfold		1984	mic1/2
microcomputers, an introduction to		penfold		1997	pic2
minmatrix board projects			penfold		1982	mmb
model railway electronics			amos			mre
model railway projects				penfold			mrp
modern ic-amp projects				penfold		1982	opa2
modern opto device projects			penfold		1987	opto1
more advanced electronic security projects				sec1
more advanced power supply projects					pow2
more advanced test meter construction		penfold		1989	test2
more advanced uses of the multimeter		penfold		1989	met2
msdos6  explained				kantaris/oliver	1993	msdos1
op-amp users handbook				penfold		1994	opa3
oscillator circuits, practical			ilind		1996	osc6
popular electronic circuits 1 / 2		penfold		1978	pope1 / 2
power supply projects				penfold		1980	pow1
practical calculations and formulas		wilson		1981	calc3
practical electronic building blocks 1 / 2	penfold		1983	peb1 / 2
practical electronic music projects		penfold		1994	mus5
practical electronic musical effects		penfold		1994	mus4
practical electronic musical novelties					mus7
practical electronic sensors			bishop		1991	sens1
practical fibre optic circuits						fop1
practical introduction to digital ics					dig1
practical opto-electronic projects		penfold		1994	prop2
practical remote control projects		bishop		1997	rem2
pract. repair and renovation of colour TVs	miller		1976	tv2
preamplifier and filter circuits		penfold		1991	pre1
prebasic book, the				wilson		1985	bas1
precomputer book, the				wilson		1983	comp6
project planning and building			colwell		1976	proj2
projects in opto-electronics			penfold		1978	prop1
radio antenna handbook				babani			ant1
radio antenna handbook for long distance	babani			ant2
radio repair				l	awry-johns	1987	rad3
railway modellers (computer projects for)	amos/cook	1987	perm3
remote control handbook				bishop		1988	rem1
robots, electronic circuits for control of	penfold		1986	rob2
robots, make and program your own		clark		1985	rob1
safety electronics (build it, book of)		graf/whalen	1976	saf1
science projects				babani		1975	sci3
security projects (more advanced electronic)	penfold		1988	sec1
semiconductor technology			wilson		1987	semi2
sensors and transducers				brindley	1988	sens2
sequencer secrets				waugh		1995	seq1
servicing radio & hi-fi equipment					serv1
shortwave superhet receiver constr.		penfold		1991	sw1
simple ic projects				penfold		1979	icp3
simple sensor terminal block projs.		bebbington	1997	sens2
simple shortwave receiver constr.		penfold		1990	sw2
single ic projects				penfold		1979	icp3
system designers manual				texas		1973	74xx3
tape recorder, extra equipmnt for		rasheed		1961 	tape
test equipment construction			penfold		1989	test1
test gear projects				dixon		1990	test3
timing, practical electronic			bishop		1993	time2
transistor circuits manual 1/2/4		sinclair	1960	xist1/2/4
transistor data tables				steidie		1995	xist6
transistor equivalents				babani		1974	xist8
transistor radio fault finding chart		miller			rad4
transistor selector guide			babani		1987	txsg
transistors					brown		1969	xist2
understanding digital technology		wilson		1995	dig5
understanding pc software			penfold		1991	pc2
understanding pc specs				penfold		1990	pc5
using an oscilloscope				easterling	1960	osc4
why not personalise your pc			oliver/kantaris	1995	pc13
windows95 explained				oliver/kantaris	1995	win2
z80 machine code, introduction to		penfold		1984	z801
z80 workshop manual,a				parr		1983	x802
We are looking for suggestions for new books to add to the library. These should preferably be the small paperback type which you have found personally to be useful and which are easy to send and return by post. Suggestions to our librarian Richard Evans or to me at Bristol. Ed.

Book Reviews - Gems from the Club Library

extracted by Ray Williamson

110 CMOS Digital IC Projects by R.M. Marston (Library ref: COS)
A straightforward collection of practical construction projects using the CD4001, CD4011, CD4013, CD4017, CD4018, CD4026, CMOS IC's.

How to build multivibrator circuits, an analogue frequency meter, tachometer, DC lamp control circuits, flasher, relay switches, time switches, under and over-temperature switches, light-activated switches, water level switch, sound generator, continuity tester, Morse code practice oscillator, door annunciator, metronome, alarm generator, burglar alarm systems and frequency dividers.

Digital Logic gates and Flip-Flops by Ian Sinclair (Library ref: DIG7)
Do not be put off reading this book because there is a lot of theory behind the use of common logic chips: all the explanations are simple and clear.

Subjects covered are truth tables, inverters, buffers, TTL, MOS, Schottky inputs and open-collector and tri-state outputs, gate analysis, the XOR gate and Boolean logic, Kavanaugh mapping, DeMorgan's theorems and arithmetic functions, Flip-flops, asynchronous and synchronous counting and Johnson counters. Registers and memory, PIPO, PISO and SIPO systems and the microprocessor.