[Uploaded Sep08] Y2K Editorial

By: George Burton

Greetings fellow BAEC members, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and look forward to a prosperous New Year! or even a New Millenium!.

We survived the Y2K bug, if it ever existed and now I am bashing the keys to get this issue to you as soon as possible in the first week when we return to work.

I have badgered, pestered and threatened you in the past year of the imminent demise of the Newsletter if you did not put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). At last, in this issue it looks as if we may have an article or so to spare which I can save for the next issue. I was beginning to think that I had over egged the emphasis on the coming of digital electronics with the result that the older members thought that their contributions were not wanted. Fortunately they are wiser than to take any notice of me and our most prolific writer for past issues, Ted Whittaker, came up trumps with a disc holding five different articles! I would like to thank him for his continued support. In the last issue, (Sept. 99) David Ledgard produced an article on Electronic Control of Traffic Lights; this was a comprehensive text going through the whole process from definition of the problem, truth tables, simplification using logical theorems and finally construction using TTL circuit chips. It has sparked off two further texts by members taking the idea through to using PIC circuits: this is just what we need. It illustrates the whole process of thinking of how to do a particular job and at the same time teaches you in the best way possible by `hands on' trial and error. I would like to thank David for his original contribution and now our new contributors for widening the scope of the idea.

The Newsletter is produced in a Prontaprint business in which I am a partner. I typeset it, fit in any paste-ups and then it is photocopied, collated, stitched and mailed by Prontaprint at our normal charge rates. I am telling you this because my business partner and I intend to sell the business later this year. I will buy myself a better home computer than my present one. (it is a 386.), plus a printer and then I can continue (with your approval) to edit the Newsletter which would then be reproduced in the required quantity by the new owners of Prontaprint at the same costs as at present: with more excellent contributions from yourselves the Newsletter should be able to go into the future with confidence.

The Newsletter is essentially a self help journal for its members. I am personally, very much aware of this because of all the helpful replies I received about my microswitch. Members have enquired about sales and wants and my view is that this is all valid provided that it is between members and for members. I don't censor items but I do abbreviate wordy texts. Members should check on the integrity of a request or sale themselves before parting with money.

May I wish you all a Happy New Year as we look forward to the New Millenium. I am sure electronics will play a major part in it.