Trading Page

Compiled by Herbert Howard

This page is provided to enable members who want to buy or sell (or give away) items of electronic equipment or individual components to state their wants or give details of what they want to dispose of. It can also provide a forum for members to give their views about the service provided by component suppliers, which could by very helpful to other members, especially those with limited experience of the wide variety of such suppliers.

Rapid Electronics (Heckworth Close, Colchester, Essex, CO4 4TB) is a well established supplier whose prices are low and product quality good. They issue catalogues twice yearly, in April and October, and it is noticeable that their range seems to widen with each new issue. They do have a minimum order value of 10, and for orders below 30 a carriage charge of 2.50 + VAT is made. But BAEC member Brian Broad offers a buying service to other members who want just a small number of items, which he will obtain for them at cost plus postage. The Rapid catalogue is free to account customers; members who want a copy can get one direct from Rapid or from Brian at a cost of 3. Some time ago, in a letter to me, Arnold Exley wrote: "I have switched from Maplin to Rapid Electronics, and the saving has been enormous. Their delivery is as good as Maplin's (24 hour), and their telephone ordering is less hide-bound".

Brian Broad recently produced a new 11 page catalogue of components and equipment he can supply. In the preamble to the catalogue he says: "These are all brand new good quality end-of-line parts from a local electronics company. I keep my prices as low as possible in order to help BAEC members to build their projects at minimum cost". For example, PCB radial electrolytic capacitors from 0.47F to 4700F, 10V to 200V, 24 values, 1p to 60p; axial electrolytics from 2.2F to 4700F, 10V to 63V, 12 values, 1p to 22p. Equipment available includes two small DMMs at 10 and 18. If you would like a copy of his catalogue, write to him at: 20 Churchill Avenue, Hadleigh, Suffolk, IP7 6BT or ring 01473 823877.

Julian Hanson is a BAEC member who is setting up his own electronics business, and as he has contacts with many suppliers of electronic and mechanical equipment, he is prepared to get items from them for other members. If you are having difficulty in finding a supplier for something you particularly want, get in touch with him at Black Sword Systems, c/o Forward Design Technology, Moorview Business Park, 628 Leeds Road, Thackley, W. Yorks, BD10 8JH. He recently had a visit from a Maplin representative, and told him of the concern felt by amateur electronic enthusiasts about the high prices Maplin now charge for one-off components. He thinks it would be a good idea for BAEC members who feel this concern to write to him so that he can correlate the information and present it to the Maplin representative, who told him that it might be possible to negotiate some kind of discount for BAEC members.

Bill Dardy wants a valve communication receiver, working or not, condition not too important so long as it is complete, unless a manual is available. If you can supply one, write to W.E.Darby, Shebee, Trevarren, St. Columb, Cornwall, TR9 6PJ or ring him on 01726 860187.

Keith Law has started a clear out, and offers the following items either for a small charge or free for the cost of postage:

All items include postage, and I am open to any offers to swap anything interesting. My address is 15 Norman Street, Dudley, W.Mids, DY2 8LU, tel. 01384 822632, or you can contact me at my Email address

All the following items are available from me (H.F.Howard, 41 Thingwall Park, Fishponds, Bristol, BS16 2AJ, tel. 0117 965819):