by Ray Hammond

This is all about 'Virtual Scopes'.

Were you amongst the number of people like me, struggling with the EPE Virtual Scope, having sent off for the software and trying to check out whether your set up was compatible? There is a letter and an answer concerning this in the March issue of EPE which I did find useful but rather long winded.

My set up is a 486, running Windows 95 with Qbasic.

From start up I called up the MS-DOS prompt, which gives me:

C:\WINDOWS> So I typed in the following, putting ENTER in after each command having inserted the 3.5" disc.

C:\WINDOWS> copy a:vscope*.* [ENTER]

(Note copy ALL 5 files)

C:\WINDOWS> copy a:mouse01*.* [ENTER]

(1 file)

C:\WINDOWS> qbasic [ENTER]

Clear the dialogue box [ESC]

From file open.

Load vscope.bas

Click run then start

You should then have the virtual scope on screen
Wait for the setting up time, mine is about two minutes
Click on live box
Move ch1 indicator to 1v (by clicking on cursor.)
Move ch2 indicator to 1v
Move Time/div to 400ÁS
Set to analogue/digital/Lissajous
To stop, use Ctrl and Break
File and Exit.