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Programmer & Controller

For Educational and Professional Applications

PICFun2 is a kit designed as a request from high school teachers to provide an easy way to teach microcontroller programming. The students are able to construct a useful project on the actual circuit board they are using to program the PIC chip! In effect they can program and reprogram the PIC microcontroller for endless possible applications of their choice, all without taking the microcontroller off the board because the PIC chip has FLASH MEMORY which makes it electrically erasable.

It is intended to make microprogramming easy and fun so that the students maintain their interest at a high level. Hence a circuit was designed which can program the microcontroller, test the program and interface to the outside world to become a useful product - all WITHOUT taking the micro chip off the board. Special care has also been taken to minimise problems for the first time constructors and programmers. Documentation is clear, precise and informative.

For the schools with a limited budget, the PICFun2 is extremely cost effective. More important the kit is comprehensive enough to build and develop a real world / real time finished product. It can demonstrate and apply most basic elements of practical electronics as well as more advanced microcontroller concepts. Special teaching documentation is available to help the class teacher cover the essential class topics.

The LCD plug-in module and the PICFUN2 to PC Interface with the Temperature Controller example option available separately.

Features and OnBoard Facilities
  • Programs execute at one million instructions
  • Power and input / output connector (5 Pin): e.g. Digital signal in / out
  • Shifts voltage levels from a higher voltage to 4.5 volts.
  • Serial Port (interface). Programming without external power supply.
  • Switch selectable: PIC Programmer or project mode
  • Multi usage components slots: e.g. LEDs output, signals In/Out wire, transistor outputs for driving lamps/relays etc
  • Input / Output or Driver port. (6 Pin)
  • FLASH MEMORY, programs electrically erasable, without chip removal or UV erasing.
PICFun2 Kit contains the following components:-
PICFun Kit contains the following components:-
  • 1 PCB: tinned, solder masked and top component overlay
  • CD containing (IBM PC compatible) programming software
  • 1 Battery holder for 3 x AA Batteries (Batteries not supplied)
  • 1 Serial interface connector - 9 Pin 
  • 1 Microcontroller IC - 18 Pin 
  • 2 PCB Terminal Blocks 
  • 1 IC Socket - 18 Pin 
  • 1 Piezo Buzzer 
  • 1 Push Button Switch
  • Hook up Wire
  • 4 Diodes
  •  3 Capacitors
  • 16 Resistors
  • 6 Red LEDs
  • Programs execute at one million instructions per second.
  • Program space : 1024 instructions.
  • INPUT Volts : 3 - 6 V (nominal 4.5 V).
  • In circuit re-programmable.
  • Software requires IBM compatible PC running MS Windows 3.1 or better and one available Serial Port, (COM Port).

The PIC16F84 Microcontroller Programmer and Control Board was designed to be as flexible and easy to use as possible. As the PIC microcontroller has FLASH MEMORY you do not have to take the chip off the board to use/apply the program. The board can be used to input/output signals, switches, sound, LEDs, transistor drives, relays, serial port data etc. Many configurations are possible.