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CoreChart Graphical Assember


CoreChart .pdf - CoreChart Graphical Assembler versus Text Assembler.

"We now have a ground breaking graphical assembler called CoreChart and the ezCircuit Designer Electronics Control Design and Management suite to help realize this vision."

"CoreChart Graphical Assembler for rapid prototyping and assembler programming of PIC chips. As a true assembler, CoreChart produces code that is smaller and faster than that produced by the compiled programming languages typically used in product development. CoreChart Assembler has a user-friendly graphical interface. This enables shorter new product development cycles which in turn lower development costs. This hopefully will spark off more original and innovative microcontroller applications. Further more, it makes microcontroller programming accessible to the average users. CoreChart customers include Electronics engineers, the Australian Defence Department in the Electronics Warfare Division, Universities, Polytechnics, Secondary Schools, the US FIRST Robotics competition, Science Centres etc..."

"ezCircuit Designer (ezCD) is a graphical drag and drop PIC Controllers Design Management suite. It graphically designs and manages the a) Hardware and b) Software and c) Documentation in a microcontroller project. It is unique in that it ties these elements into a graphical allocation system. It guides new designers to set up the required documentation, hardware and software even though if they may have very little skill and experience in these areas. ezCD generates CoreChart program, schematic diagram, part list, test procedures and documentation. ezCircuit Designer and CoreChart greatly speed up electronic and control design without sacrificing quality. Suits electronics design engineers, teachers, Secondary Schools, Tertiary Institutions, hobbysts, etc..."

"Specialist electronics engineers have resigned from their secured and high paying jobs to build careers or businesses out of CoreChart and ezCircuit as a result of Microchip Technology Inc (USA)ís approval of CoreChart as a Third Party Programming tool. Please see attached files. If you know of an individual or organization interested in a multimillion dollar CoreChart sponsorship to kick start 'Growing Bill Gates to compete with the $5 per day workers' please let me know. 100,000 Electronics Career CDs funded by the Australian government that contains CoreChart will be cut later this year to be distributed through an electronics chain store."

"The Malaysians are hotly in pursuit of this multimillion dollar FREE CoreChart in schools in order to use this to attract FREE Chips in schools from the large chip manufacturers! They know it is impossible to compete with the $5 per day workers unless they start to Grow Bill Gates in earnest!"

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