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LED FUN 8-in-1 Educational Kit


LED FUN is a kit designed as a request from high school teachers to provides an easy to construct yet fun & useful project for first time electronic construction by students.


It is intended to make electronics easy and fun so that the students maintain their interest at a high level. Hence 8 different modes have been designed to fuel the students imagination, effectively making this an 8-in-1 kit. Special care has also been taken to minimise problems for first time constructors in recognition, placement and soldering of components. Documentation is clear, precise and informative.


For the school, the kit is extremely cost effective, as it must be with large numbers of students running on a limited budget. On the other hand, the kit is comprehensive enough to practically demonstrate and apply most basic elements of practical electronics as well as some more advanced concepts. Special teaching documentation will be provided to help the class teacher cover the necessary class topics.


Kit contains: 1 PCB 7cm x 3.5cm; Tinned, Solder Masked and Top Component Overlay. Components: 7 RED LED’s, 6 Resistors, 1 Capacitor, 1 Diode, 1 Piezo Buzzer, 1 Push Switch, 1 Battery Holder for 3 x AA Batteries, 1 IC Socket-8 pin, 1 Microcontroller IC-8 pin.


MODES AVAILABLE ( Modes set according to Mode Table – see instructions )


MODE 1: Random LED’s – On Button Press: Light Chases down 6 LED’s, slows and stops randomly. Buzzer clicks to a stop with the LED’s and plays sound effect.

SUGGESTIONS FOR USES: Make up your own game. EG: A board game with counters. Pick 1 out of 6 possible moves randomly then move according to the instructions next to that LED.

TO USE: Press button and release. LED’s will follow each other quickly at first then randomly stop when the button is released.


MODE 2: Variable Chaser – Button Press + Hold Time Changes Pattern / Speed of 6 LED Chaser.

Patterns (3):

A.     Straight Chaser – lights follow each other then loop back to start.

B.     Level – Lights follow each other and stay on to the end.

C.     Strobe – Lights All Flash on / off at the same time.

TO USE: Press button and hold – Pattern will then start slow and get faster and faster, then suddenly slow again. Release the button to pick the speed. Press the button and hold again for the speed of the next pattern on the list. Have Fun.

MODE 3: Binary Countdown / Alarm – Button Press sets a 1-64 second Binary Timer: Alarm sounds. USES: Can be used as a timer. Or as a door bell, or as a security alarm. Games could be fashioned too, EG: like pass the parcel.

TO USE: Press Button and hold: Binary Counter will count up to 64 seconds. When the required second comes up, release the button. This sets the time. Now when the button is pressed, the counter counts for the required amount of time and then sets off a visible and audible alarm for 5 seconds. Time can be set again by pressing button again.      


MODE 4: Ladder / Reaction Timer Game – Climb the 6 LED Ladder if your reaction time is quick.

TO USE: When you hear a “ping” and an LED Flash you must press the button quickly to keep the LED lit. The next LED up the Ladder will flash and you must press the press the button quickly to keep it lit too – until you get to the top. Then all the LED’s will flash – well done. The first LED will start again but this time it will be harder. How many levels can you get? Have Fun!


MODE 5: Blinking Face – 7 LED Face Smiles & Blinks Randomly. Reacts to Button Press.

USES: Make into a stunning Pendant, Broach or use as a face on a Robot or a Doll. You could even use it as an interesting night light for the baby.

TO USE: Watch face change different expressions & make noises. Press button – get a reaction.


MODE 6: Doorbell / Alarm – All off until Button Press: 7 LED Face Blinks & Smiles + Alarm sounds. Makes an interesting Door Bell – Face turns on too and smiles while alerting you. Could be used as a “Smiley Face” Alarms.

TO USE: When switch is pressed, smiley face alerts you to someone at the door with LED Face and Sounds Alarm.


MODE 7: Memory / Sequence Game – Repeat the Sequence of Dot/Dash: 7 LED Face Happy or Sad.

TO USE: Press button to start / Release. The Buzzer and an LED will produce a series of beeps and pauses which you must repeat. The Face smiles and buzzer plays a tune if you are right. The sequences get longer and harder. How many levels can you get through?


MODE 8: Authentic Pattern Dice using 7 LED’s for Dots. Chases & Stops Randomly on Button Press. Use where you would use a dice. Have more fun with dice games.

TO USE: Press button and release. Dice “spins” more and more slowly until it stops on a number shown by an authentic dice dot pattern.