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From the Chairman

The BAEC secretary, John Davies, has decided that he does not want to continue in that office after the end of this year. By that time, he will have been secretary for four years, and he feels it is time that another member took over from him. His predecessor, Jeremy Hind, became secretary in May 1992 but had to give up the post in July 1993. In the September newsletter of that year I appealed in my editorial for another member to become secretary, and five members volunteered, so John Davies assumed the responsibility later that year.

I feel sure that BAEC members will agree with me that John has done excellent work as secretary, and I know that he will continue as an active member of the club. He has promised to write articles for the newsletter and to continue helping members to solve their electronic problems, as he has done throughout his time as secretary.

Any member willing to take over the secretarial duties from John should write to me as soon as possible. As I undertook these duties from the beginning of 1990 until May 1992, I can tell any member who volunteers just what the work of the secretary involves, and John has said that he will of course give as much help as he can to any member who takes over as secretary. It is of course vital to the continuation of the club's existence that a new secretary should assume office before the end of the current year. I should perhaps add that all the expenses incurred by the secretary are met from club funds.